It’s been one week since I discovered one of David Plouffe’s personalized notecards mixed in with my stationery set, and, still, the questions remain.

What does it all mean? Is this my Wonka moment? Does this notecard entitle me to a tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? At the end of that tour, will I be named the 45th President of the United States? Were those holes in the White House lawn part of a launching pad for a glass elevator?

And: Does David Plouffe have one of my notecards in his box of personalized stationery? If so, why hasn’t he told me about it?

Now, I try not get political on this blog. But I need to get the word out. The mainstream media won’t go near this story, so it’s up to you. Please: if you know David Plouffe, tell him I have his notecard. He probably needs it. For instance, he could use it to write me a thank-you note for returning his notecard.